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ALBANIA: A Constitution Coming                                                          Monday, Feb. 11, 1924

In the town of Tirana, capital of Albania, a little advertised but none the less bitter controversy was waged over the future Albanian Government. Is it to be Monarchical or Republican? That is the question which Albanian Deputies of the Constituent Assembly were discussing during the past week over their cups of Turkish coffee. Read More

ALBANIA: Man-Sized Revolt Monday, Jun. 23, 1924

Since the third week of May, Albania has been the field of many battles. These may be said to have culminated during the past week with the establishment of a National Provisional Government at Tirana under the Premiership of Bishop Fan Stylian Noli, Harvard graduate. Read More

Religion: Sister Act     Monday, Mar. 28, 1938

Albania, an independent nation since 1913, was long a part of Turkey, is still 69% Mohammedan. It has, however, 100,000 Roman Catholics, 200,000 adherents of the Albanian Orthodox Church. Moreover, there are 25,000 Albanian-born Christians in the U. S. Most of the 10,000 living in New England belong to the Christian Albanian Church. The founder of this church, named Fan Stylian Noli,  Read More

ALBANIA: Zog & Jerry Monday, May. 09, 1938

Thousands of fierce-faced, impoverished Albanian tribesmen last week donned their cleanest white blouses, Scanderbeg jackets & white-pleated fustanellas, hopped on their scrawny donkeys and jogged over mountain trails to Tirana, their odorous turbulent capital. They came to celebrate the wedding of their 42-year-old King, Zog I, to a half-American, 22-year-old Countess Geraldine Apponyi of Hungary.  Read More

Tiny corner of Albania finally bunker-free

TIRANA, Albania — Concrete bunkers — an enduring symbol of Albania's harsh Cold War isolation — were dragged off a beach and destroyed Wednesday at a popular southern resort with the help of an aging Chinese-built tank. Municipal workers dug around the bunkers and used steel ropes to help an army-loaned T-59 tank drag them out of the sand at Seman. The bunkers had posed a hazard to tourists at the Adriatic beaches 75 miles  Read More

Albania rids beaches of Cold War bunkers

SEMAN, Albania — Albania has wheeled in old tanks to rid its beaches of huge bunkers left over from the Cold War, when its paranoid communist regime feared an attack that never came.Built in the 1960s, the concrete domes now pose a threat to the safety of the people they were meant to protect under the isolationist regime of late communist dictator Enver Hoxha.

"We have been forced to use T-59 tanks to remove from the beaches the very heavy  Read More

Albania beats Ireland in inaugural Copa N.Y.C. Final

The excitement of two weekends of intense tackles, penalty kicks, and goals came to a dramatic conclusion when Albania beat Ireland 4-1 in the finals of the inaugural Copa N.Y.C. soccer tournament.
“We had a great turnout at last night's championship match and were blessed with great weather despite the forecast, allowing for a spectacular show of fierce competition,” said  Read More

USAID, U.S. Embassy Response to H1N1 (Swine) Flu in Albania

( - TIRANA, AUGUST 4, 2009    In cooperation with Albania’s Ministry of Health, the Institute of Public Health, and UNICEF, USAID/Albania and the U.S. Embassy in Tirana launched a public information campaign to raise awareness on how Albanians can protect themselves  Read More Correspondent - 07.08.2009

Albania to auction 3.0bn leke of 5YR T-notes on August 8 The Albanian central bank  is to auction 3.0 billion leke (22.8 million euros, USD32.9 million) of five-year treasury notes on August 8.
No figure was given for the coupon on the securities that will carry an August 13 issue date and mature on August 13, 2014, the Bank of Albania said in a statement.
The yield was 9.13% at the last auction of five-year paper on May 5.
The central bank ( auctions two-year government securities monthly and five-year T-notes every three months on behalf of the finance ministry.