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Mission statement

AACO “JETA E RE” (New Life) is operated entirely by volunteer initiatives.  Major program offerings included NYC-based cultural events and aid to communities and organized major artistic and cultural events that brought our community together. To create, form and establish an organization to aid and assist citizens and immigrants to acclimate to life in the United States; to provide financial aid and other reasonable economic assistance; to aid, assist, cooperate, co-sponsor, and otherwise engage in concerted action with private and governmental agencies and organizations on cultural and other programs; to endeavor to improve and enrich the standard of living of citizens and immigrants; to organize and conduct educational programs beneficial to the community; to promote the holidays and 
traditional festivities; to address the economic and social needs of the community.

Corporation History

While AACO is mainly a New York State organization, the issues it covers demanded from the major communities needs has always expanded its services, reaching out to children and elderly all over the globe. Regarding elderly, the lack of communication due to the lack of language and cultural barriers and inability to adjust in the American’s social and cultural life, beside their old age and bad health, has caused their deprivation and isolation. Many of them are traumatized by the past oppression and war; many others are victims of torture.

I arrived in this country with a killing disease from Albania. NO money in my pocket just the clothes on my back. I was directed to a mother of two. Rumors were that she helped people like me with Cancer with no money to get a new life. I was told by doctors I had2 weeks to live. This person Flutur Bida Zavalina took me in her care and paid for everything and to a point where my cancer was eliminated after the treatment. I will never forget that now I live because of the doctors and this person.               
                                   Sincerely Beni